Tips to Prevent Braids from Damaging your edges.

Braids are a very common hairstyle especially in black dominated regions and communities. They are very beautiful, and for some it’s a lot more than just the beauty but also the cultural representation it gives. Unfortunately, some people tend to experience hair loss around their edges with this hairstyle, but there are a few thingsContinue reading “Tips to Prevent Braids from Damaging your edges.”

3 Simple Hacks to Make your Eyeshadow Pop

If you’re looking to create a vibrant and brighter eye look, you might find difficulty in achieving that if you don’t go about it the right way. I’d be giving three simple ways you can achieve that in this article. 1) Use a Base: Eyeshadow primers and Bases will definitely switch up your look byContinue reading “3 Simple Hacks to Make your Eyeshadow Pop”

Best Outfits for your body type: Skirts Edition

This article will say what type of skirts go best with what body types. I’d definitely do more editions for other types of clothing, but today is for the skirt. Believe it or not, skirts can actually look really peng if you wear it right and wear the designs that go with your body type.Continue reading “Best Outfits for your body type: Skirts Edition”

5 Altè Fashion items for Nigerian Private University Students.

​​​If you are a fan of Alternative fashion that attends a Nigerian private university like I do, you would probably understand why this article was created. One would think that it would be nearly impossible combining that style with the exaggerated decency expectations of the schools. Below are a few fashion items that could serve as substitutes forContinue reading “5 Altè Fashion items for Nigerian Private University Students.”