List of Bingham University Nominees for All Categories in the AU Awards.

The All Universities Awards released it’s list of nominees for a long list of categories from various schools around the country. In this article, I’d be highlighting nominees from Bingham University for every category this year. If you would like to see the complete list containing all nominees from other schools, you can visit their website by clicking below:

AUA website redirect.

I’d be posting the categories, photos of nominees, and their corresponding Instagram or Twitter handles below:

1) Most Handsome Nigerian Student:

Instagram handle: @svmm_orji

2) Most Beautiful Nigerian Student:

Instagram handle: @wanneka_

3) Miss Personality:

Instagram handle: @arewa_flower

4) Mr Personality:

Instagram handle: @lala_laza

5) Model of the Year (Female):

Instagram handle: @alexxonuorah

6) Model of the Year (Male):

Instagram handle: @iamoghale_

7) Most Fashionable Lady:

Instagram handle: @pamela_krissa

8) Most Fashionable Gentleman:

Instagram handle: @collinsgoldd

9) Makeup Artist of the year:

Instagram handle: @vicky.x.x

10) Best Use of Social Media:

Instagram handle: @oyijoela

11) Artist of the Year:

Instagram handle: @op_vibes

12) Best Student Designer:

Instagram handle: @_bo_de

13) Lady Enterpreneur of the Year:

Instagram handle: @tare_se

14) Most Popular Lady:

Twitter handle: @oloriofoloris

15) Most Popular Gentleman:

Instagram handle: @bhuconnect

16) Rookie of the Year:

Instagram handle: @oge.__

17) Most Influential Gentleman:

Instagram handle: @nuel_ayo

18) Most Influential Lady:

Instagram handle: @___pinkieee

19) Most Talented Nigerian student:

Instagram handle: @saintdubem

20) Academic Excellence:

Instagram handle: @not.reuel

21) Photographer of the Year:

Instagram handle: @NIL (Bala Habila)

These are all the categories with selected nominees from Bingham University. Remember that you can vote for any of the contestants on the official AU awards website. The link to this website was given at the beginning of this article. The event would be held virtually.

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5 Tips to Improve your Speech Delivery during Formal/ Informal Arguments and Debates.

A lot of the times, people lose conversational arguments not because they don’t have sufficient points or because they’re wrong, but because they might be deficit with their speech delivery. It’s like “I know what to say but I don’t know how to say it”. You regret how the argument went and wish you could go back in time to say more things, but your chance is already lost. In this article, I’d be giving 5 tips that will definitely improve your speech delivery during arguments and debates, increasing your chances of being more clearly understood.

1) Don’t rush, Speak calmly and slowly:

This is very important for so many reasons. The major one being that you are a lot less likely to say things that haven’t been thought through, and also less likely to make mistakes. Another one is the fact that people are more likely to respect the argument of someone speaking calmly and fluently than someone rushing and making a lot of mistakes.

2) More facts, less gibberish:

It is not advisable to speak at all during an argument if your points do not contain any facts. Even if you don’t have a lot of them, the fact that you are speaking slowly and calmly and the few things you say are mostly facts, people are bound to see you as a very knowledgeable person, pushing the argument in your Favour. Give as many examples and show as many evidences as possible. For example, you can open a book and show where you got your information from, or open a website to highlight your source of information.

3) Find the flaw in your opponents argument and highlight it by asking questions:

If you didn’t think your opponent’s argument had any flaw, you wouldn’t be arguing in the first place. Be sure to point out what you think it is and if you want to apply more pressure, ask them questions, so many of them! Questions with answers that you know will directly contradict their angle of the debate. This will help any available audience see things from your perspective and also weaken your opponents argument. It can also come in handy when you feel like you’re being cornered.

4) Conceal every ounce of fear and pressure:

I always say, it’s better not to start an argument at all, than to start it and not be able to speak properly or drop the basis of your argument because you are afraid. It becomes a huge loss, you lose the argument because your own will not be substantial enough, and you also end up not passing any knowledge to your opponent at all. This doesn’t challenge their opinions or mindset at all. So what was the point of starting it to begin with? This does not mean that you should be rude, one can be expressive without being rude at all, but showing fear and pressure will reduce how expressive one can be.

5) Never resort to pointless insults, even when you’re losing:

Saying out random insults to your opponents makes it obvious to any observer that you are acting solely on emotions and illogically, this makes you look emotionally immature and ruins the basis of your argument to begin with. It’s better to leave silently than to go out insulting your opponent, because when you leave silently, it leaves room for thought, and people may even begin to consider your argument as the correct one after you leave. Pointless insults ruin this completely before it can even begin.

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Some Essential School Resumption Health Tips.

As the gradual reopening of schools has been approved by the Nigerian government, it is important to remember that there is still an ongoing pandemic and things may not be the same as you left them. Regardless of the situation, it is also practically impossible to ask students to completely avoid any form of socialization that will put them at risk of contacting the virus, but there are a few things that one can do to minimize their chances of contacting the virus as schools will be reopening.

1) Extreme caution in the first 14 days:

It is a known fact that the virus has a window period of 2 to 14 days before symptoms begin to show (if the person isn’t asymptomatic). So it will be best to be very cautious during this period as a lot of students infected will likely not even know. It is advisable to be cautious at all times, but be most observant during this period so that suspected cases can be reported to the right authorities.

2) Sanitize Often:

You can never go wrong with the use of hand sanitizers. If you find that you might have touched a surface that is very exposed to the general public e.g your staircase rail, sanitize immediately before touching other materials that may cross contaminate. This is very important because students may not have the time to find a convenient spot to wash their hands, so always have a bottle of hand sanitizers in your bag.

3) Mask On when Not socially distant:

As already seen around us, it is not likely that one will be able to put a mask on at all times during the day. It is most advisable that you observe your environment and if you will be in contact with a large group, be sure to put your mask on. You can take it off when you are socially distant and away from such situations.

4) Cough and Sneeze appropriately:

It is not advisable that you cough and sneeze into the open air as particles can land on individuals, and remember that we are all trying to stay as safe as possible. Cough or sneeze into your elbow at all times. Do NOT do it into your hands, as you are very likely to use a phone, touch certain objects or even give someone a hand shake! Be considerate of the people around you.

5) Avoid Touching face with Unsanitized hands:

It’s not likely that anyone will completely abstain from touching their faces (eyes, nose and mouth) for a whole day. But it is very much possible that you ensure to sanitize your hands before doing that. Remember that you cannot be sure of what you might have come in contact with.

6) Stay indoors when feeling Sick:

This doesn’t apply to just you. Advise any person you know that isn’t feeling well (covid or not) to stay in. Especially if the symptoms include possible covid 19 symptoms such as fever and consistent coughing. If you know anybody with a suspected case, please advise that they quarantine themselves and observe strict social distancing for the sake of everybody’s health. If the suspected case is showing aggressive symptoms, it is advisable that you report to the right authorities.

Remember that there are people that will have the virus without a single symptom, and also people with very weak immune systems that could have serious breathing problems and possibly be hospitalized. Please be considerate of everyone in your immediate environment. Stay safe.

5 Effective Hangover Remedies.

Waking up feeling dizzy and dehydrated with a bad headache after a night of excessive alcohol intake is no strange occurrence to regular drinkers. There are of course a few things that one can do to effectively relieve themselves of these symptoms. We’d be looking at 5 of them in this article.

It is important to note that darker colored drinks such as whiskey and red wine are more likely result in worse hangovers than clear colored drinks like vodka and gin.

1) Drink a lot of water:

Alcohol can lead to dehydration and is also a diuretic, which means it will cause you to urinate more frequently, leading to excessive water loss. One will have to replenish the water content that has been lost, preferably with alkaline water (with lime or lemon slices) because of the antioxidants that are effective in reversing the adverse effects of alcohol.

2) Eat Carbohydrates:

Consumption of alcohol can lead to low blood sugar which you will have to replenish to reduce the fatigue and general body weakness that a hangover will give you. If you are just waking up, just have a regular breakfast that is rich in carbohydrate to ensure a balanced diet because you will also need foods rich in proteins, fat and vitamins to fully recover.

3) Sleep some more:

A bad hangover can have a negative impact on everyday activities, especially ones that require a lot of attention like driving and paper work. Alcohol will disrupt your circadian rhythm (I.e your sleep-wake cycle), and a very effective way to get it back is to get some more sleep. Some negative effects of the disruption of this rhythm include: slower thinking, weight gain and behavioral changes. More sleep will generally improve ones cognitive function. See my article on “Guide to a healthy sleep pattern”.

4) Pain killers:

It is important that one does not take just any type of pain killer for this purpose as some of them may interact adversely with the alcohol and have negative effects. Common anti inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen are very effective in relieving the aches and pains and do not react adversely with alcohol.

5) Caffeinated drinks:

Beverages such as coffee and tea can help improve fatigue because they will generally act as stimulants. Please note that caffeinated drinks are also diuretics (cause you to urinate more) and will require you replenishing body water content more, but the antioxidants they contain will help reduce the adverse effects of alcohol.

All remedies listed above are effective in curing different adverse effects of alcohol consumption, so it is important that you try to do as many as you can to improve effectiveness. I hope you found this article helpful.

Tips to Prevent Braids from Damaging your edges.

Braids are a very common hairstyle especially in black dominated regions and communities. They are very beautiful, and for some it’s a lot more than just the beauty but also the cultural representation it gives. Unfortunately, some people tend to experience hair loss around their edges with this hairstyle, but there are a few things that one can do to protect hair edges and prevent damaging when carrying braids. I’d be listing a few of them in this article:

1) Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase / Use a Satin Bonnet:

Satin pillow cases keep hair moisture intact unlike cotton pillow cases that absorb hair oils and cause friction that would eventually lead to hair breakage because hair at the edges are generally weaker and thinner than the rest of the hair. Satin hair coverings are very protective of hair edges as they ensure they remain moisturized by keeping oils intact. You can nourish your edges with oils like vitamin E and castor oil.

2) Do not carry Braids for too long:

It might be tempting to keep your braids installed for long because 1) they don’t get old quickly and 2) you could wash your scalp with your braids installed, but it will be very damaging for your edges. Typically, you shouldn’t leave braids in for over 2 months ( less if it’s Ghana braids) because it increases the risk of you damaging your edges.

3) Do not Braid tightly around the edges:

The fragility of your edges mean that they should not receive as much tightening as the rest of your hair. The tension on your scalp could lead to pulling and bald spots. Be sure to inform your hairstylist to take it easy on your edges when doing your braids. If for some reason, you still feel the hair is too tight, you could try pressing with a towel dipped in hot water, having a shower to loosen tightness, massage hair with oils, or use a leave in conditioner to soothe scalp.

4) Avoid tight Ponytails and Up-do styles:

The pulling these hairstyles involve can be damaging to your edges as they can cause breakage considering how weak hair in that area is. If you intend to do styles involving an up do, ensure they are not to tight. You know it’s too tight when you feel pain on scalp by widening your eyes or closing your eyes tightly.

5) Avoid frequently brushing edges:

We all know how beautiful the baby curls can be, but frequently brushing of your edges will encourage pulling out and breakage especially with natural hair where they can easily get caught up. If you must use an edge control or hair gel, try using your hand to apply it where need be or use the smooth side of the brush.

Following the steps above with braids installation is a good start to protecting your edges from damages. I hope you learnt a few things.

How to get rid of Dark Eye Circles- Natural and Medical Treatments.

Dark eye circles occur for a number of reasons. It could be genetics, poor sleep, excessive exposure to sun, dehydration, eye strain, allergies or even rubbing of eyes. Elderly people are more likely to develop dark eye circles compared to younger people. Whatever the cause may be for yours, there are ways to effectively get rid of it.

You have to first of all try to find whatever the causes might be and fix that first before you can eliminate the already existing dark circles. For example, if poor sleep is the cause, try getting extra sleep; if it’s excessive sun exposure, try using an effective sun screen. There are natural and medical remedies I will be listing below that one could try.

Natural Remedies:

1) Rose water: Rose water is a mild astringent that rejuvenates dull skin. You soak a cotton pad in it and apply over a closed eye for about 10 to 20 minutes. It is an excellent toner with anti aging benefits and moisturizing properties. It also prevents harm from UV rays in addition to smelling good. It is very effective in combating dark eye circles.

2) Turmeric: Apart from the skin glow and anti inflammatory properties that turmeric gives, it also evens skin tone and makes your skin brighter. The spice also revives your skin to provide great luster. Turmeric mask can be used over dark eye circles and can produce amazing results.

3) Cold Compress/ Tea bags: A cold compress can help eliminate dark circles and reduce swollen and puffy eyes by shrinking blood vessels. To use a tea bag, soak a bag in the water and put in a fridge, then place over eyes for some minutes before rinsing the face.

4) Cucumber Juice: It’s quite common to see people place cucumber slices over the eyes, but it is a lot more effective when one gets the juice soaked in a cotton ball and applies over a closed eye. The juice combats premature aging, reduces puffiness and greatly hydrates the skin. It is also a mild astringent with Skin lightning properties. When mixed with a great source of vitamin C like lemon juice or orange juice, the benefits of the vitamins help it work even more effectively.

5) Vitamin E/ Coconut Oil: Both oils have anti aging properties, and coconut oil helps lighten the skin in the eye area and prevents wrinkles. Vitamin E oil fights free radicals and both are excellent moisturizers. They can be applied overnight and washed off in the morning.

Other things you could try include: Reduce alcohol intake, Remove makeup properly, eye massages, get extra sleep, wash face correctly, cold milk, and increase intake of omega 3 fatty acids (e.g Salmons).

Medical Remedies:

1) Laser Treatment: This is probably the most expensive option. If you find that nothing else works, this procedure tightens and resurfaces your skin. It constricts blood vessels to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles.

2) Chemical peels: There are chemical peels that help reduce the discoloration of dark eye circles. They stimulate new skin growth and is usually the first option cosmetic surgeons opt for.

3) Tissue fillers/ Surgical implants: The fillers conceal the cause of discoloration (melanin/ blood vessels). One could also try the implanting of synthetic products.

Not all of the treatments listed above will work for everybody. Your effective treatment depends on the cause of your dark eye circles. Be sure to explore the options and find what works for you. I hope you found this article helpful.

Some Fast-Acting Belly Fat Burning Exercises

Burning belly fat is a major reason a lot of people begin working out, and sometimes it may seem like your routine might not be as effective as you want. The truth is, there is no exercise that burns ONLY belly fat. What you do is to focus on burning calories and your body reduces it’s general body fat percentage which will in turn decrease belly fat. The exercises I will be listing in this article will not bring about a noticeable effect if it is: 1)Not done consistently. 2) Not done with proper dieting. See my articles on Dieting with a Nigerian menu and Dieting hacks if you are having any difficulty with dieting. I will not be giving you a routine because one won’t work for everybody. You can use the exercises below to further customize your routine and make it more effective. I will be stating some that I have found to yield quick results when it comes to burning belly fat. Please note that it would work faster for some people than others depending on your body type.

1) Crunches: Whether you choose to try the reverse crunches, bicycle crunches or vertical leg crunches, they all apply direct pressure to your abdomen and are very effective towards burning belly fat. It is one of the most popular belly fat burning exercises.

2) The Plank: This exercise strengthens your core muscles and brings result with burning belly fat. It also strengthens your shoulders as it is done in a “push up like” postion. Stay in this position for about half a minute and do this consistently, increasing the amount of time little by little.

3) Squats: It is common knowledge that squats help with toning the leg muscles and glutes, but they are also very effective in burning belly fat. Sumo squats are the most effective; Be sure to go down to about 90 degrees and stay in that position for a few seconds before coming back up again.

4) Mountain Climbing: In my experience, this exercise gives the quickest result when it comes to burning belly fat. It imitates the outdoor mountain climbing activity and does all the muscle and core strengthening the plank does. It is also a great exercise for your arms, legs and shoulders.

5) Cycling/ The Bicycle exercise: Riding a bicycle (you can do this at the gym) is a great cardio exercise that burns calories quite fast depending on the speed and length one goes. The bicycle exercises works on your ab muscles because it’s one thing to burn fat, and another to properly develop abdominal muscles.

6) Running/ Walking: This is the most common and “slept on” exercise for burning belly fat. Running is most effective and can burn over 400 calories in about 30 to 45 minutes. Walking is also very effective and burns about half or even more of that amount. It is advisable to do this before your regular workout routine.

Using the list above, one can customize their regular workout routine and further customize it to achieve faster belly fat burning results.

5 Effective Anger Management Tips

Anger is a strong emotion that can easily cause things to spiral out of control. While some people have mastered the art of managing such provocations, others experience a lot of difficulty with it, and could end up saying or doing some damaging things they could regret later. In this article, I would be highlighting some helpful anger management tips.

1) Know what triggers you and avoid it: If there’s a particular person or place you know that often gets you feeling angry, you should start by distancing from those people and setting proper boundaries. It’s a simple “prevention is better than cure” tip. You’re still learning how to manage these strong emotions, and the last thing you need is someone pushing or testing you any more than you have to be. Read my article on “Setting boundaries” if you find difficulty in avoiding such situations.

2) Count to 10: When faced with a provocation, it is advisable for one with anger management issues to avoid acting on those emotions and take a moment to breathe. A slow count from one to ten, or even singing a song that calms you down, will help reduce the tension and probably change whatever drastic measures you would’ve taken if you had acted immediately. You’d just be taking a timeout.

3) Express your anger: Do not do this immediately. It is advisable to do this when you must’ve calmed down but still feel the hurt. Do not express it in forms that might be damaging to yourself or anyone else. You can speak to whoever provoked you and let them know you didn’t like what they did and how it turned out. Try to speak using the “I” perspective. For example, instead of saying “You acted stupidly by leaving”, try saying “I felt abandoned because I wasn’t told when you were leaving” This will help you feel a lot better. You can also use physical activities such as running and other exercises that have proven to help reduce stress and anger.

4) Humor and Relaxation skills: Activities such as meditation and deep breathing exercises will go a long way in helping you control your anger. The best part is, when you do them constantly, they become a habit and work more effectively. You can also use humor to express how it is you really feel by making jokes about the situation. This might not make too much of a difference but it releases the tension on you and the little moment of laughter you have will go a long way in calming you down.

5) Avoid holding grudges: The scary thing about anger as an emotion is that if it’s not handled immediately, it becomes a grudge that interrupts your peace of mind and only continues to grow. The bad thing about this is, when next you get provoked, it would be a lot more difficult controlling your anger because you already have some built up that you never took care of. Also, you tend to take out that grudge and anger on other innocent people that haven’t hurt or upset you in anyway. Learn to let go of it as soon as you feel the anger. You could also try seeing a therapist when your anger issues start to seem out of control and the above tips do not help effectively.

The tips in this article will not completely fix your anger problems, but will only help with better management. Don’t feel upset if it seems like they aren’t working, these things take time and have to be developed as a habit to be most effective. I hope you found this article helpful.

3 Simple Hacks to Make your Eyeshadow Pop

If you’re looking to create a vibrant and brighter eye look, you might find difficulty in achieving that if you don’t go about it the right way. I’d be giving three simple ways you can achieve that in this article.

1) Use a Base: Eyeshadow primers and Bases will definitely switch up your look by highlighting the pigmentation. If you cannot afford good quality ones, you should consider getting a good concealer and making the most of it. Concealers give you control and let you choose where you’d like to highlight a little more or less. I will not recommend using Vaseline because you could end up with oily lids, and unless you’re going for glossy lids, it’s best to be safe.

2) Wet your brush before application: Applying a setting spray or even plain water on your eyeshadow brush before rubbing the brush eyeshadow you will like to use. Be sure to clean the excess water on the brush with a dry cloth or tissue so it doesn’t start to drip and make your eyeshadow runny. You only need a DAMP brush. This will only work with foiled eyeshadow pigments like your shimmery eye shadow, do NOT try this with a regular powdery matte eyeshadow.

3) White eye pencils: Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you can use a white eye pencil before application, for brighter colors. The pencil is applied as a base and will lighten whatever colors are applied on it. You can also use a black pencil when going for a dark Smokey or sultry look to make it darker.

By using the methods above, you will find a noticeable difference in vibrance and pigmentation with the eye look you’re going for. I hope you found this article helpful.

Top 5 Entrepreneurs, Bingham University (2020)

It can be very difficult trying to combine your school work with your own little business. You’re basically your own CEO, accountant, and promoter. This is a list of Bingham University students who have been able to pull this off beautifully with legitimate businesses. We’d also be giving a few reasons why you should patronize them, especially if you’re a student of the university.

NB: This is not a personal opinion. This list was drafted by a select group of Bingham University students. It is a promotional article.

5) Rishiella (@rishiellas_tasty_delights on Instagram ):

If you’re looking for tasty treats like small chops and pastries in school, this platform is super convenient. Items available include: cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, samosa, spring rolls, peppered chicken and puff puff. The food packaging is also top notch, and you’re certain of the hygiene in method of preparation.

4) Adnan (@adnan_sports_kits_and_logistics on Instagram):

This Platform focuses on the sale of sport kits and equipments including Jerseys and sports boots. He’s affordable and professional. Whatever it is you might be looking for in that field, you could reach him and place orders and be sure to receive them on time.

3) Tayo (@hairstasy on Instagram):

If you are looking for affordable wigs and hair products, this is probably your best bet. She is very professional and takes custom orders. She has a lot of amazing reviews from within and outside Bingham university. Her wigs come in different grades that can fit conveniently into any students budget. You also don’t have to bother about delivery fees or anything because it’s right in school with you.

2) Tare (@tare_store on Instagram):

This platform has been around for a long time, and you just have to appreciate the consistency. She deals mainly in the sales of jewelries like non tarnish necklaces, anklets, rings and bracelets with good reviews. She also takes orders for wigs and small chops. Plus, you can be sure to get connections for what ever you need as she has a wide network with other entrepreneurs.

1) Benson (@bennystorez on Instagram)

This store deals with the sales of smartphones, laptops and accessories. You can also sell, swap and buy gadgets all at budget friendly rates. His business also has a very large social media platform with over 14k followers and reviews plus promotions from popular influencers and familiar faces.

I hope this article helped provide connections for whatever it is you may be looking to patronize in school. Thank you for reading😊

5 Easy Dieting Hacks for Beginners

If you’re just giving dieting a try and having some difficulty with the consistency, here are a few hacks I’ve put together that have worked for myself and a lot of people:

1) Serve food in a smaller bowl: What ever the caloric content of the food you want to eat might be, a smaller bowl will mean smaller quantity, and a smaller quantity will mean less calories. This is a simple hack because one will be taking in a lot less than they originally would have.

2) Try Intermittent fasting: This is like a meal timing schedule that individuals use to further enable the burning of fat for fuel. Depending on your body type, there are different times of the day recommended. For example, If you are an Endomorph, it’s best to fast from 10am to 6pm. Apart from the daily timing schedule, there are other methods like periodic fasting and alternate day fasting. All can be very effective.

3) Take high carbohydrate foods earlier in the day: If you want to take food with a high caloric value, you should consider taking it earlier in the day so your body can make use of the energy before later in the day when you’d have less activities and it’d have to store it as fat.

4) Spice it up: It makes sense that this is here, considering that the spice will help speed up your body’s metabolism and also have you drinking more water which means you get full faster and end up eating less.

5) Drink water when you feel like eating: When you’re not hungry but you just feel like eating something, drinking water will hold you off from crunching on those snacks that are high in carbohydrate, and also give your body more water to burn more energy, which equals burning more fat. This is really helpful when it becomes a habit.

If you’re having difficulty deciding what Nigerian foods are best for you and your plan, see “ Dieting: Nigerian Menu Edition”. Let me know in the comments if this article was helpful 😊

Cell Phone Addiction: Effect and Symptoms

Cell phone addiction is a lot more common than you’d think. It’s funny how a lot of people don’t even realize they have it until it causes them bodily harm. In this article, I’d be highlighting the Symptoms and Effects of Cell phone addiction.

Effects of Cell phone addiction:

1) Impaired vision: The blue light emitted from cell phones emit a lot of energy because it has a short wavelength. You may begin to experience eye fatigue, blurred vision, pain when on your screen over time, itchy eyes and even headaches.

2) Poor sleep: You will begin to find your sleep less relaxing and peaceful. You might also become restless as it increases your likelihood of insomnia. It also increases the risk of you developing a sleep disorder.

3) Headaches and Negative impact on the Brain: An individual is 38% more likely to get a headache when they use a cell phone. The reason for this could be the distortion of the dopamine- opiate system by electromagnetic energy from the phones. You are also likely to lose more energy and experience drowsiness as your brain will have increased levels of GABA (an amino acid).

4) Depression and Anxiety: You are also at a higher risk of experiencing depression and anxiety, both for internal causes (your own body), or by distancing from relationships because you spend a lot less time trying to improve them when you’re always on your phone.

5) Numerous diseases: 1 out of 6 phones are said to contain fecal matter, and the bacteria could cause a long list of diseases like cholera and diarrhea if your cell phone is not cleaned frequently. This addiction is also linked to male infertility as phone radiation can reduce sperm viability. You are also at a higher risk of having a car accident when driving.

Symptoms of Cell phone addiction:

– Long usage of phone with loss of sense of time

– Low tolerance to absence of phone ( might experience withdrawal symptoms

– Turns to phone when faced with anxiety or depression

– Consistent preoccupation

– Obsession with getting a better version

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7 Questions Interview with the SRC President, Bingham University (2020).

Joela: Good Day. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this with me. Can you please introduce yourself for record purposes?

Y.D: Hello Joela, Good afternoon. Thank you so much for making me a part of your Blog. My name is Yusuf Dutse. I’m in Bingham University, and a 400 level student of the department of political science, and the SRC president, student representatives council for elaboration.

Joela: Ok. So I’d be asking 7 questions. The first 5 are questions I put together because I feel these are things that people want to know, while the last 2 are questions requested by the public. The first question is, Highlight some major positive changes that yourself and your administration created during your tenure?

Y.D: That’s an amazing question. The main aim of my administration was to improve the overall welfare situation of students in the university. We did some tangible and intangible projects. For the tangible, we just completed the construction of concrete seats on the football field and library lawn, we also have numerous metal seats around different departments because we notice that students want to be out and don’t have anywhere to relax. For the intangible, we created numerous clubs to enable students engage in extra curricular activities. We also provided waste bins for all hostels and refurbished/ constructed hanging lines. We were able to have a trade fair working with the alumni association. We were also working on a revision in the student health system so students won’t have to pay for drugs and it’d be paid for with fees. Lastly, we emphasized fumigation, grass cutting and repairs of bad tap areas in hostels.

Joela: Thank you for that. What effort did your administration put in concerning the banning of smartphones in the school?

Y.D: We definitely asked questions and wrote a petition. My current administration chose not to focus on that because the previous administration had written a petition concerning that. The issue was, the ban of smartphones was done two administrations back and was agreed upon by the constitution review committee, so it was almost impossible to roll back on that decision. We asked questions, but the situation is a complicated one that goes back 2, 3 years, so we couldn’t just meet them to change it.

Joela: Alright. Concerning the social life and extra curricular activities of students, what measures did your administration put in place to encourage that?

Y.D: Unfortunately, I’d have to blame the pandemic for a lot of things. There was a committee in collaboration with the university with plans to have multiple movie nights and game nights. We had plans to increase the sporting equipments. A lot of them were planned for the second semester. It’s so sad that the pandemic took this away from us.

Joela: Did your administration ever make any effort towards convincing the authorities to allow wearing of trousers by female students?

Y.D: No. No because none of us were around then, so we couldn’t understand the true circumstances as to what happened and why they were banned. For all I know, they were allowed and female students were not wearing “decent” trousers to class. I don’t know what happened but we did not make any effort concerning that. It was not a part of our vision as a council for this year.

Joela: Do you think your administration left the school in a better or worse condition than it met it?

Y.D: This is a very honest question that demands an honest answer. Overall, we have definitely left the university in a better condition. However, looking at circumstances on ground right now, it’s in a worse condition because the school is not in a good place at this point because it’s been closed for the longest, there’s a pandemic. It’s better because we have left our mark and made a solid and physical impact that will leave a lasting legacy on the lives of students.

Joela: Thank you for your honesty. The sixth question (requested from the public) reads “Nile university and other schools are resuming in October, when is Bingham planning to resume?”

Y.D: Bingham university also has plans to resume. The decision is solely based on if the FG allow them to resume. There are preparations for resumption on ground, that is a fact. However, the university cannot resume because the FG has not allowed them to resume.

Joela: Thanks for clearing that up. The last question (requested from the public) is quite personal. It reads “Are you interested in politics? And would you one day want to become the president of Nigeria?”

Y.D: Well, politics is good. I am interested in it. The only thing that pushes me away is the negativity that comes with it. Personally, I don’t exactly want to become the president of Nigeria. I think I’d rather be the Governor of my state and serve the country. I’m working towards civil service. I’m just trying to work hard at being the best at everything I’m doing.

Joela: Thank you very much. We have come to the end of this interview. If there’s anything you’d want people to know, this is the time.

Y.D: I really have one thing to say, and it’s just to appreciate the students for putting their faith in me. It was not easy, I wish I did much more. I blame the pandemic because I had so much planned. I just appreciate the faith they put in me, and I wish them the best.

5 ways to get rid of Bloating

What is Bloating?

Bloating is when there is excess built up gas in the stomach or digestive tract. It is very common. A lot of people will suddenly notice a bigger stomach and assume it is weight gain or some other reason, whilst it’s just air. A few causes are: Infection, Constipation, Carbonated drinks, Digestive issues, Hormonal flux (for women), and food intolerance.

Below are a few remedies that can help reduce Bloating:

1) Avoid swallowing air and foods that make you gassy: Some sources of swallowing air can be when you drink through a straw, talk a lot while you eat, and chew gum. Also foods that are high in fiber like beans and also some fatty foods are likely to have you feeling more bloated. Other foods include- Carbonated drinks, Onion and milk.

2) Go for a walk: This is the fastest way to get rid of a bloated stomach. Sometimes, your body just needs a little motivation to get the system running again.

3) Lemon water: A glass of lemon water in the morning can do a lot of things for your body, including- Reduce risk of bloating and burping, loosen toxins in your stomach and intestines and relieve indigestion.

4) Hot Water (tea): Hot water or Tea help your intestine get rid of waste products that cause bloating. It basically flushes your digestive tract.

5) Fruits: Not all fruits are recommended to debloat your stomach because some of them have high sugar content and might end up making it worse. Try fruits like oranges and strawberries, also take vegetables with high water content like cucumber and zucchini.

7 Things you should know before you start using a Waist trainer

The waist trainer has become quite popular over the years. A lot of celebrities have been seen endorsing the product, and it’s no surprise that a lot of women have began patronizing it for the tiny waist effect it gives. The entire concept is that if you wear them continuously, your body will eventually retain the hour glass shape it gives. But before you start using a waist trainer, there are a few things that you should know:

1) There is no solid evidence to support that this is true: While a waist trainer can give a temporary fix by compressing your belly fat, your body shape is likely to remain the same when you stop wearing it, as the displaced fat will return back to where it was. Unless of course, effective fat burning exercises were done by the individual during that time, which in this case, the exercises have burnt the fat, and not the waist trainer(p.s it’s not advisable to work out with trainers on as they obstruct your breath). A lot of celebrities have liposuction done, and are asked to endorse the trainers to make it seem like it is really the work of the trainers, but it isn’t.

2) They can cause Bone bruises and Rib fracture: The compression that the trainers give could cause bone bruising, and if trauma is applied when you have a really tight one on, it could even cause a rib fracture. Trust me, bone bruises are a lot more painful than regular bruises.

3) Organ compression and Acid Reflux: Because of how tight the trainers are, it could compress and displace your mid section (abdomen). Acid reflux increases your chances of heart burn and indigestion. It could also cause you pain.

4) Poor Breathing: Waist trainers restrict your diaphragm, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen you take in. This could have you feeling light headed and could even cause fainting.

5) It can cause dehydration: Unless you decide to increase your daily water intake greatly, the excessive sweating that waist trainers cause will definitely lead to dehydration.

6) Skin irritation and Infection: Because you have it on so tightly and consistently, it could lead to chaffing of the skin. You might not see this as a big problem, but in the long run, this could cause skin infections.

7) Negative effect on Muscles: Constant wearing of waist trainers will eventually weaken your back and abdominal muscles because they will not be as active anymore (even if you exercise regularly). This could lead to poor posture.

Other Negative effects include:

– It is addictive/ Psychological till

– Pulmonary problems (lung issues)

– Restrict Lymphatic system

– Numbness

If you must use a waist trainer though:

– Ensure that it isn’t too tight

-Do not wear it for too long

– Stay Hydrated

– Do not think it’s can replace exercising and healthy dieting

– If you are still developing, do not use them at all.

5 Common things people do that damage their Phone Chargers

There are a number of things that you could avoid to help your phone charger last longer and reduce risk of damages. A lot of these things are seen as the norm, so it’s important to note, so that one can avoid making these mistakes.

1) Cheap Chargers: A lot of reported cases of overheating, shocking and sparking of chargers and phones can be traced to the fact that the chargers used were not from a reliable source. Try to get your chargers from trusted and approved brands, as the quest for a cheap charger could have you spending a lot more than you’d have spent if you just put a little more money into getting one of good quality.

2) Overloading an Adapter: If you have just a single socket and a lot of things to plug, you should consider getting a good quality extension rather than trying to fit all of them into a mini adapter. A lot of the time, these adapters are not designed to accept and channel a lot of current. You could end up overloading and eventually causing a spark on the socket, which could even affect your phone battery.

3) Covering your charger while in use: Doing this will prevent all the heat generated from freely dissipating, thus causing over heating, and even cases of your charger bursting into flames.

4) Plugging your phone overnight: Although it is true that your phone itself is designed to stop receiving any more current when fully charged, your charger on the other hand could begin to over heat and if left on a flammable surface, there’s a chance that it could even start a fire. This is most dangerous because you’d be asleep and might not notice in time. Better safe than sorry.

I hope you enjoyed this read🙂

Top 5 Most Influential Bingham University Students (2020)

Bingham University is a private university located in the outskirts of Abuja (Karu), and is home to thousands of students studying a wide variety of courses.

If you are a Vendor or an Event planner around the location and are hoping to get patronage and engagements from this target audience, you should probably consider speaking with the people in the best position to reach out to them, and this is where influencers come in. They give more credibility to your brand and stand as representatives for you to the students. We have created a list of the top 5 most influential Bingham University students for the year 2020.

Please Note:

– This list was drafted and ranked by a select group of Bingham University students with consideration of all the nominations provided on my Instagram account. It is NOT a personal opinion.

– All outgoing 400 level students were exempted from this list because it is NOT an awards list, and is only useful for future purposes. This means when school resumes, and they technically won’t be students anymore, it wouldn’t matter.

Below is the list from 5th to 1st:

5) Henry (@tejireal on Instagram):

Although still a work in progress, he definitely seems promising as he’s an active hype man, with a large and growing interactive base, on and off social media. He’s also quite accomplished with contemporary cultures, be it an event or a clothing brand.

4) Pinkie (@___pinkieee on Instagram):

She was nominated as the most popular (female) in Bingham University and won the award at the last Abuja Universities awards. But other than her popularity, she has also proven to be experienced in the organizing of some major events that took place in the capital. She has proper connections to get the word out, and also an audience of over 13k followers on Instagram.

3) Tyannah (@oloriofoloris on Twitter):

Tyannah is definitely the student with the largest twitter platform at the moment with over 10k followers. She’s a YouTuber (@Tiana Ladipz on YouTube), and I would say has an engaging audience on the platform. If you would rather opt for something other than the visual Instagram platform, she’s your best bet to reach a lot of the students via Twitter.

2) Jeremy of Africa (@bhuconnect on Instagram):

While the face of this platform is not a very familiar one, it has definitely proven that it’s influence can be felt. The platform was responsible for the organizing of nominations for Abuja Universities awards and also getting people to attend the event. Considering how all of this was done during the period of examinations is quite commendable. He definitely has experience in the event planning category and a large media capacity, with his page being the current Bingham’s number one platform on Instagram.

1) Nuel (@nuel_ayo_ on Instagram):

It’s no surprise that this name is here. The fact that he lost his account at 29.8k and was able to get over 10k followers in only a few weeks goes to show that he definitely has a loyal fan base and a long list of supporters. Nuel Ayo is a Fashion influencer and a YouTuber who has been on the map for a while. So if you’re looking to promote content like new music or products to sell (especially in the fashion category), he certainly has a listening audience, a lot of which are students at Bingham University that’d engage with your business.

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5 things you can try if you’re having difficulties with setting boundaries

If you find difficulty in expressing your displeasure in what someone does to you or in simply saying “No, I don’t want to do that”, it’s probably because you’re having a hard time with setting boundaries. Below are some things you could try:

1) Decide that you need to make a change: If you’re not sure about whether you want to change things, you should probably stop reading, because you’d find it really uncomfortable doing whatever suggestions I might have. You’re not deciding to be mad at anyone, you’re not deciding to be selfish, you’re just deciding that you want your boundaries to be respected, and that’s fine.

2) State your conditions clearly at all times: For example, somebody wants to borrow a pair of your shoes, instead of going with the usual “alright, it’s in my locker”, you could try saying “alright, it’s in my locker but I’d need it before 4pm tomorrow because I’d need to use it”. You’ve already put the idea in their minds that they should be more careful with it because they know you need to use it.

3) When your conditions are failed, speak up: Still on the same example, let’s say she brings it in the morning of the day after you needed it, don’t just collect it with a smile. State clearly that you are unhappy with what was done and that they inconvenienced you because you needed it. The next time, you ever state a condition, they will definitely be more careful with your properties.

4) Disagree with situations you find uncomfortable: There is a big difference between helping your friends out, and being the lap dog. They’d ALWAYS get you to do the jobs that nobody else wants to do. Whether you care about doing it or not (because you love them), you should probably consider that it is quite demeaning and it’d gradually eat through your basic respect. It’s ok to say “Naah, I don’t want to do that, let someone else do it” once in a while.

5) Distance: If you have tried everything I talked about and they didn’t work, the people concerned clearly have a problem with respecting your boundaries, and that’s not what you want, right? Before doing this, ensure that you have made it clear that their actions have irritated you and that you’re not happy with it (even if it is as a joke), If they apologize and want to do better, fine. Otherwise, you should try giving it a break. Understand that you are not angry with anybody, you’re doing this for yourself. This doesn’t mean you won’t talk to them or reply their messages, please do that so they don’t assume you might be cutting them off permanently. You’d be making them reflect on their actions because your absence will definitely be noticed.

Try talking to them again just as before, but as a bolder person, make conversation more direct and always state out exactly what you want. Remember that it’s ok to turn down people’s requests if it’s inconvenience you. If things remain the same, understand that it’s not you and that that situation is disrespectful and toxic for you.

Let me know what you think about this article in the comments🙂

Best Outfits for your body type: Skirts Edition

This article will say what type of skirts go best with what body types. I’d definitely do more editions for other types of clothing, but today is for the skirt. Believe it or not, skirts can actually look really peng if you wear it right and wear the designs that go with your body type.

1) Slim and Tall Body type: People with this body type look best in maxi skirts. The outfit compliments this body type by giving a sort of “goddess effect” to your look, while also giving the person a slightly more curvy look, by not outlining the figure tightly.

2) The Petitè (small) Body type: The mini skirt is most recommended for this body type. It has a way of making this type look bolder and highlighting your body features. It just basically makes you look less small.

3) The Curvy/ Pear shaped Body type: This body type refers to when your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders and it looks best in pencil skirts. The skirts will bring out all the curves in the right places, and if there’s a slit? Even better. This body type will generally look a lot more elegant and composed it fitted skirts than maxi skirts.

4) The Inverted triangle Body type: this is when the bust is wider than the hips. The best type of skirts for this body type is an A line and pegged skirt. Assymetrical skirts can also look really good if worn properly.

5) The Apple shaped Body type: This refers to a round and circular shape, and the best style of skirts for people of this body type is a high waist skirt, because the bands will sit perfectly at the point where the wide waist begins.

5) The Athletic Body type: It is generally advisable that people with this rectangular build, wear a skirt above the knee as it compliments their toned legs. Balance is easily obtainable with this body type, so they are not confined to a particular design of skirts and even other outfits.

I hope you found this article helpful.

6 Healthy coping Mechanisms

What are coping mechanisms?

Coping mechanisms are basically the different approaches one can use to manage with difficult and painful situations. It could be Heartbreak, grief, or generally any type of trauma. These mechanisms are important because more often than not, a lot of people turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms in the face of difficult emotions.

Some unhealthy coping mechanisms include:

-Drug Abuse



-Destruction of properties

-Unhealthy eating pattern

We’d be looking at some healthy and helpful coping mechanisms that individuals could use to manage their emotions during difficult times like this:

1) Take Responsibility and attempt problem solving: If whatever you might be going through is a problem that can actually be solved, you have to at least attempt solving it. I would advise that you shouldn’t get your hopes up completely, because you might fail, but it’s just generally easier to get over a situation when you know you at least did all you could to save it.

2) Releasing Built up emotions: Whether it be anger or sadness, you have to find away to channel all of that into something. If you need to scream, scream as loud as you can. If you need to cry, cry as much as you need to. Generally, crying stimulates the production of the “happy hormone”, so you should feel better afterwards.

3) Find a Distraction: It could be something you always enjoyed doing as a kid. Writing, singing, and Dancing are all examples of healthy distractions you could try out. If you’re the type to be adventurous, you could travel, go hiking or just attempt new things. These would definitely help with emotion management.

4) Meditation and Relaxation activities: This is actually more helpful than a lot of people think. You could take out the time to breathe, play some solemn music in the background and just enjoy the quietness. This is recommended for anger management.

5) Manage Negative emotions: While you attempt the things I listed above, there would definitely be times when you’d be reminded of the hurt and the anger. Allow yourself feel these emotions, but don’t let them dictate what you do. Nobody said it’d be easy, but you have to consider the consequences of keeping yourself in the dark like that.

6) Know that it will not all go away immediately: It will take a while for you to be completely over traumatic situations, and that’s why this article doesn’t say that these steps will cure whatever you might be going through. They’re just helpful reminders and mechanisms. Whatever emotion it is you might be feeling will be there, but at least you can learn to manage it better, and with good management, eventually get over it.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading😊