Some Essential School Resumption Health Tips.

As the gradual reopening of schools has been approved by the Nigerian government, it is important to remember that there is still an ongoing pandemic and things may not be the same as you left them. Regardless of the situation, it is also practically impossible to ask students to completely avoid any form of socialization that will put them at risk of contacting the virus, but there are a few things that one can do to minimize their chances of contacting the virus as schools will be reopening.

1) Extreme caution in the first 14 days:

It is a known fact that the virus has a window period of 2 to 14 days before symptoms begin to show (if the person isn’t asymptomatic). So it will be best to be very cautious during this period as a lot of students infected will likely not even know. It is advisable to be cautious at all times, but be most observant during this period so that suspected cases can be reported to the right authorities.

2) Sanitize Often:

You can never go wrong with the use of hand sanitizers. If you find that you might have touched a surface that is very exposed to the general public e.g your staircase rail, sanitize immediately before touching other materials that may cross contaminate. This is very important because students may not have the time to find a convenient spot to wash their hands, so always have a bottle of hand sanitizers in your bag.

3) Mask On when Not socially distant:

As already seen around us, it is not likely that one will be able to put a mask on at all times during the day. It is most advisable that you observe your environment and if you will be in contact with a large group, be sure to put your mask on. You can take it off when you are socially distant and away from such situations.

4) Cough and Sneeze appropriately:

It is not advisable that you cough and sneeze into the open air as particles can land on individuals, and remember that we are all trying to stay as safe as possible. Cough or sneeze into your elbow at all times. Do NOT do it into your hands, as you are very likely to use a phone, touch certain objects or even give someone a hand shake! Be considerate of the people around you.

5) Avoid Touching face with Unsanitized hands:

It’s not likely that anyone will completely abstain from touching their faces (eyes, nose and mouth) for a whole day. But it is very much possible that you ensure to sanitize your hands before doing that. Remember that you cannot be sure of what you might have come in contact with.

6) Stay indoors when feeling Sick:

This doesn’t apply to just you. Advise any person you know that isn’t feeling well (covid or not) to stay in. Especially if the symptoms include possible covid 19 symptoms such as fever and consistent coughing. If you know anybody with a suspected case, please advise that they quarantine themselves and observe strict social distancing for the sake of everybody’s health. If the suspected case is showing aggressive symptoms, it is advisable that you report to the right authorities.

Remember that there are people that will have the virus without a single symptom, and also people with very weak immune systems that could have serious breathing problems and possibly be hospitalized. Please be considerate of everyone in your immediate environment. Stay safe.

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