5 Effective Hangover Remedies.

Waking up feeling dizzy and dehydrated with a bad headache after a night of excessive alcohol intake is no strange occurrence to regular drinkers. There are of course a few things that one can do to effectively relieve themselves of these symptoms. We’d be looking at 5 of them in this article.

It is important to note that darker colored drinks such as whiskey and red wine are more likely result in worse hangovers than clear colored drinks like vodka and gin.

1) Drink a lot of water:

Alcohol can lead to dehydration and is also a diuretic, which means it will cause you to urinate more frequently, leading to excessive water loss. One will have to replenish the water content that has been lost, preferably with alkaline water (with lime or lemon slices) because of the antioxidants that are effective in reversing the adverse effects of alcohol.

2) Eat Carbohydrates:

Consumption of alcohol can lead to low blood sugar which you will have to replenish to reduce the fatigue and general body weakness that a hangover will give you. If you are just waking up, just have a regular breakfast that is rich in carbohydrate to ensure a balanced diet because you will also need foods rich in proteins, fat and vitamins to fully recover.

3) Sleep some more:

A bad hangover can have a negative impact on everyday activities, especially ones that require a lot of attention like driving and paper work. Alcohol will disrupt your circadian rhythm (I.e your sleep-wake cycle), and a very effective way to get it back is to get some more sleep. Some negative effects of the disruption of this rhythm include: slower thinking, weight gain and behavioral changes. More sleep will generally improve ones cognitive function. See my article on “Guide to a healthy sleep pattern”.

4) Pain killers:

It is important that one does not take just any type of pain killer for this purpose as some of them may interact adversely with the alcohol and have negative effects. Common anti inflammatory drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen are very effective in relieving the aches and pains and do not react adversely with alcohol.

5) Caffeinated drinks:

Beverages such as coffee and tea can help improve fatigue because they will generally act as stimulants. Please note that caffeinated drinks are also diuretics (cause you to urinate more) and will require you replenishing body water content more, but the antioxidants they contain will help reduce the adverse effects of alcohol.

All remedies listed above are effective in curing different adverse effects of alcohol consumption, so it is important that you try to do as many as you can to improve effectiveness. I hope you found this article helpful.

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