Some Fast-Acting Belly Fat Burning Exercises

Burning belly fat is a major reason a lot of people begin working out, and sometimes it may seem like your routine might not be as effective as you want. The truth is, there is no exercise that burns ONLY belly fat. What you do is to focus on burning calories and your body reduces it’s general body fat percentage which will in turn decrease belly fat. The exercises I will be listing in this article will not bring about a noticeable effect if it is: 1)Not done consistently. 2) Not done with proper dieting. See my articles on Dieting with a Nigerian menu and Dieting hacks if you are having any difficulty with dieting. I will not be giving you a routine because one won’t work for everybody. You can use the exercises below to further customize your routine and make it more effective. I will be stating some that I have found to yield quick results when it comes to burning belly fat. Please note that it would work faster for some people than others depending on your body type.

1) Crunches: Whether you choose to try the reverse crunches, bicycle crunches or vertical leg crunches, they all apply direct pressure to your abdomen and are very effective towards burning belly fat. It is one of the most popular belly fat burning exercises.

2) The Plank: This exercise strengthens your core muscles and brings result with burning belly fat. It also strengthens your shoulders as it is done in a “push up like” postion. Stay in this position for about half a minute and do this consistently, increasing the amount of time little by little.

3) Squats: It is common knowledge that squats help with toning the leg muscles and glutes, but they are also very effective in burning belly fat. Sumo squats are the most effective; Be sure to go down to about 90 degrees and stay in that position for a few seconds before coming back up again.

4) Mountain Climbing: In my experience, this exercise gives the quickest result when it comes to burning belly fat. It imitates the outdoor mountain climbing activity and does all the muscle and core strengthening the plank does. It is also a great exercise for your arms, legs and shoulders.

5) Cycling/ The Bicycle exercise: Riding a bicycle (you can do this at the gym) is a great cardio exercise that burns calories quite fast depending on the speed and length one goes. The bicycle exercises works on your ab muscles because it’s one thing to burn fat, and another to properly develop abdominal muscles.

6) Running/ Walking: This is the most common and “slept on” exercise for burning belly fat. Running is most effective and can burn over 400 calories in about 30 to 45 minutes. Walking is also very effective and burns about half or even more of that amount. It is advisable to do this before your regular workout routine.

Using the list above, one can customize their regular workout routine and further customize it to achieve faster belly fat burning results.

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