Top 5 Entrepreneurs, Bingham University (2020)

It can be very difficult trying to combine your school work with your own little business. You’re basically your own CEO, accountant, and promoter. This is a list of Bingham University students who have been able to pull this off beautifully with legitimate businesses. We’d also be giving a few reasons why you should patronize them, especially if you’re a student of the university.

NB: This is not a personal opinion. This list was drafted by a select group of Bingham University students. It is a promotional article.

5) Rishiella (@rishiellas_tasty_delights on Instagram ):

If you’re looking for tasty treats like small chops and pastries in school, this platform is super convenient. Items available include: cakes, cupcakes, doughnuts, samosa, spring rolls, peppered chicken and puff puff. The food packaging is also top notch, and you’re certain of the hygiene in method of preparation.

4) Adnan (@adnan_sports_kits_and_logistics on Instagram):

This Platform focuses on the sale of sport kits and equipments including Jerseys and sports boots. He’s affordable and professional. Whatever it is you might be looking for in that field, you could reach him and place orders and be sure to receive them on time.

3) Tayo (@hairstasy on Instagram):

If you are looking for affordable wigs and hair products, this is probably your best bet. She is very professional and takes custom orders. She has a lot of amazing reviews from within and outside Bingham university. Her wigs come in different grades that can fit conveniently into any students budget. You also don’t have to bother about delivery fees or anything because it’s right in school with you.

2) Tare (@tare_store on Instagram):

This platform has been around for a long time, and you just have to appreciate the consistency. She deals mainly in the sales of jewelries like non tarnish necklaces, anklets, rings and bracelets with good reviews. She also takes orders for wigs and small chops. Plus, you can be sure to get connections for what ever you need as she has a wide network with other entrepreneurs.

1) Benson (@bennystorez on Instagram)

This store deals with the sales of smartphones, laptops and accessories. You can also sell, swap and buy gadgets all at budget friendly rates. His business also has a very large social media platform with over 14k followers and reviews plus promotions from popular influencers and familiar faces.

I hope this article helped provide connections for whatever it is you may be looking to patronize in school. Thank you for reading😊

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