5 Easy Dieting Hacks for Beginners

If you’re just giving dieting a try and having some difficulty with the consistency, here are a few hacks I’ve put together that have worked for myself and a lot of people:

1) Serve food in a smaller bowl: What ever the caloric content of the food you want to eat might be, a smaller bowl will mean smaller quantity, and a smaller quantity will mean less calories. This is a simple hack because one will be taking in a lot less than they originally would have.

2) Try Intermittent fasting: This is like a meal timing schedule that individuals use to further enable the burning of fat for fuel. Depending on your body type, there are different times of the day recommended. For example, If you are an Endomorph, it’s best to fast from 10am to 6pm. Apart from the daily timing schedule, there are other methods like periodic fasting and alternate day fasting. All can be very effective.

3) Take high carbohydrate foods earlier in the day: If you want to take food with a high caloric value, you should consider taking it earlier in the day so your body can make use of the energy before later in the day when you’d have less activities and it’d have to store it as fat.

4) Spice it up: It makes sense that this is here, considering that the spice will help speed up your body’s metabolism and also have you drinking more water which means you get full faster and end up eating less.

5) Drink water when you feel like eating: When you’re not hungry but you just feel like eating something, drinking water will hold you off from crunching on those snacks that are high in carbohydrate, and also give your body more water to burn more energy, which equals burning more fat. This is really helpful when it becomes a habit.

If you’re having difficulty deciding what Nigerian foods are best for you and your plan, see “ Dieting: Nigerian Menu Edition”. Let me know in the comments if this article was helpful 😊

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