Cell Phone Addiction: Effect and Symptoms

Cell phone addiction is a lot more common than you’d think. It’s funny how a lot of people don’t even realize they have it until it causes them bodily harm. In this article, I’d be highlighting the Symptoms and Effects of Cell phone addiction.

Effects of Cell phone addiction:

1) Impaired vision: The blue light emitted from cell phones emit a lot of energy because it has a short wavelength. You may begin to experience eye fatigue, blurred vision, pain when on your screen over time, itchy eyes and even headaches.

2) Poor sleep: You will begin to find your sleep less relaxing and peaceful. You might also become restless as it increases your likelihood of insomnia. It also increases the risk of you developing a sleep disorder.

3) Headaches and Negative impact on the Brain: An individual is 38% more likely to get a headache when they use a cell phone. The reason for this could be the distortion of the dopamine- opiate system by electromagnetic energy from the phones. You are also likely to lose more energy and experience drowsiness as your brain will have increased levels of GABA (an amino acid).

4) Depression and Anxiety: You are also at a higher risk of experiencing depression and anxiety, both for internal causes (your own body), or by distancing from relationships because you spend a lot less time trying to improve them when you’re always on your phone.

5) Numerous diseases: 1 out of 6 phones are said to contain fecal matter, and the bacteria could cause a long list of diseases like cholera and diarrhea if your cell phone is not cleaned frequently. This addiction is also linked to male infertility as phone radiation can reduce sperm viability. You are also at a higher risk of having a car accident when driving.

Symptoms of Cell phone addiction:

– Long usage of phone with loss of sense of time

– Low tolerance to absence of phone ( might experience withdrawal symptoms

– Turns to phone when faced with anxiety or depression

– Consistent preoccupation

– Obsession with getting a better version

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