7 Questions Interview with the SRC President, Bingham University (2020).

Joela: Good Day. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this with me. Can you please introduce yourself for record purposes?

Y.D: Hello Joela, Good afternoon. Thank you so much for making me a part of your Blog. My name is Yusuf Dutse. I’m in Bingham University, and a 400 level student of the department of political science, and the SRC president, student representatives council for elaboration.

Joela: Ok. So I’d be asking 7 questions. The first 5 are questions I put together because I feel these are things that people want to know, while the last 2 are questions requested by the public. The first question is, Highlight some major positive changes that yourself and your administration created during your tenure?

Y.D: That’s an amazing question. The main aim of my administration was to improve the overall welfare situation of students in the university. We did some tangible and intangible projects. For the tangible, we just completed the construction of concrete seats on the football field and library lawn, we also have numerous metal seats around different departments because we notice that students want to be out and don’t have anywhere to relax. For the intangible, we created numerous clubs to enable students engage in extra curricular activities. We also provided waste bins for all hostels and refurbished/ constructed hanging lines. We were able to have a trade fair working with the alumni association. We were also working on a revision in the student health system so students won’t have to pay for drugs and it’d be paid for with fees. Lastly, we emphasized fumigation, grass cutting and repairs of bad tap areas in hostels.

Joela: Thank you for that. What effort did your administration put in concerning the banning of smartphones in the school?

Y.D: We definitely asked questions and wrote a petition. My current administration chose not to focus on that because the previous administration had written a petition concerning that. The issue was, the ban of smartphones was done two administrations back and was agreed upon by the constitution review committee, so it was almost impossible to roll back on that decision. We asked questions, but the situation is a complicated one that goes back 2, 3 years, so we couldn’t just meet them to change it.

Joela: Alright. Concerning the social life and extra curricular activities of students, what measures did your administration put in place to encourage that?

Y.D: Unfortunately, I’d have to blame the pandemic for a lot of things. There was a committee in collaboration with the university with plans to have multiple movie nights and game nights. We had plans to increase the sporting equipments. A lot of them were planned for the second semester. It’s so sad that the pandemic took this away from us.

Joela: Did your administration ever make any effort towards convincing the authorities to allow wearing of trousers by female students?

Y.D: No. No because none of us were around then, so we couldn’t understand the true circumstances as to what happened and why they were banned. For all I know, they were allowed and female students were not wearing “decent” trousers to class. I don’t know what happened but we did not make any effort concerning that. It was not a part of our vision as a council for this year.

Joela: Do you think your administration left the school in a better or worse condition than it met it?

Y.D: This is a very honest question that demands an honest answer. Overall, we have definitely left the university in a better condition. However, looking at circumstances on ground right now, it’s in a worse condition because the school is not in a good place at this point because it’s been closed for the longest, there’s a pandemic. It’s better because we have left our mark and made a solid and physical impact that will leave a lasting legacy on the lives of students.

Joela: Thank you for your honesty. The sixth question (requested from the public) reads “Nile university and other schools are resuming in October, when is Bingham planning to resume?”

Y.D: Bingham university also has plans to resume. The decision is solely based on if the FG allow them to resume. There are preparations for resumption on ground, that is a fact. However, the university cannot resume because the FG has not allowed them to resume.

Joela: Thanks for clearing that up. The last question (requested from the public) is quite personal. It reads “Are you interested in politics? And would you one day want to become the president of Nigeria?”

Y.D: Well, politics is good. I am interested in it. The only thing that pushes me away is the negativity that comes with it. Personally, I don’t exactly want to become the president of Nigeria. I think I’d rather be the Governor of my state and serve the country. I’m working towards civil service. I’m just trying to work hard at being the best at everything I’m doing.

Joela: Thank you very much. We have come to the end of this interview. If there’s anything you’d want people to know, this is the time.

Y.D: I really have one thing to say, and it’s just to appreciate the students for putting their faith in me. It was not easy, I wish I did much more. I blame the pandemic because I had so much planned. I just appreciate the faith they put in me, and I wish them the best.

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2 thoughts on “7 Questions Interview with the SRC President, Bingham University (2020).

  1. Was so excited to read about the seats now available on school grounds. This administration has been by far one of the best and I don’t regret voting for them. Coro really ruined things, I’m sure second semester would have been a blast!

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