5 ways to get rid of Bloating

What is Bloating?

Bloating is when there is excess built up gas in the stomach or digestive tract. It is very common. A lot of people will suddenly notice a bigger stomach and assume it is weight gain or some other reason, whilst it’s just air. A few causes are: Infection, Constipation, Carbonated drinks, Digestive issues, Hormonal flux (for women), and food intolerance.

Below are a few remedies that can help reduce Bloating:

1) Avoid swallowing air and foods that make you gassy: Some sources of swallowing air can be when you drink through a straw, talk a lot while you eat, and chew gum. Also foods that are high in fiber like beans and also some fatty foods are likely to have you feeling more bloated. Other foods include- Carbonated drinks, Onion and milk.

2) Go for a walk: This is the fastest way to get rid of a bloated stomach. Sometimes, your body just needs a little motivation to get the system running again.

3) Lemon water: A glass of lemon water in the morning can do a lot of things for your body, including- Reduce risk of bloating and burping, loosen toxins in your stomach and intestines and relieve indigestion.

4) Hot Water (tea): Hot water or Tea help your intestine get rid of waste products that cause bloating. It basically flushes your digestive tract.

5) Fruits: Not all fruits are recommended to debloat your stomach because some of them have high sugar content and might end up making it worse. Try fruits like oranges and strawberries, also take vegetables with high water content like cucumber and zucchini.

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