7 Things you should know before you start using a Waist trainer

The waist trainer has become quite popular over the years. A lot of celebrities have been seen endorsing the product, and it’s no surprise that a lot of women have began patronizing it for the tiny waist effect it gives. The entire concept is that if you wear them continuously, your body will eventually retain the hour glass shape it gives. But before you start using a waist trainer, there are a few things that you should know:

1) There is no solid evidence to support that this is true: While a waist trainer can give a temporary fix by compressing your belly fat, your body shape is likely to remain the same when you stop wearing it, as the displaced fat will return back to where it was. Unless of course, effective fat burning exercises were done by the individual during that time, which in this case, the exercises have burnt the fat, and not the waist trainer(p.s it’s not advisable to work out with trainers on as they obstruct your breath). A lot of celebrities have liposuction done, and are asked to endorse the trainers to make it seem like it is really the work of the trainers, but it isn’t.

2) They can cause Bone bruises and Rib fracture: The compression that the trainers give could cause bone bruising, and if trauma is applied when you have a really tight one on, it could even cause a rib fracture. Trust me, bone bruises are a lot more painful than regular bruises.

3) Organ compression and Acid Reflux: Because of how tight the trainers are, it could compress and displace your mid section (abdomen). Acid reflux increases your chances of heart burn and indigestion. It could also cause you pain.

4) Poor Breathing: Waist trainers restrict your diaphragm, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen you take in. This could have you feeling light headed and could even cause fainting.

5) It can cause dehydration: Unless you decide to increase your daily water intake greatly, the excessive sweating that waist trainers cause will definitely lead to dehydration.

6) Skin irritation and Infection: Because you have it on so tightly and consistently, it could lead to chaffing of the skin. You might not see this as a big problem, but in the long run, this could cause skin infections.

7) Negative effect on Muscles: Constant wearing of waist trainers will eventually weaken your back and abdominal muscles because they will not be as active anymore (even if you exercise regularly). This could lead to poor posture.

Other Negative effects include:

– It is addictive/ Psychological till

– Pulmonary problems (lung issues)

– Restrict Lymphatic system

– Numbness

If you must use a waist trainer though:

– Ensure that it isn’t too tight

-Do not wear it for too long

– Stay Hydrated

– Do not think it’s can replace exercising and healthy dieting

– If you are still developing, do not use them at all.

Published by Joela

Blogger And Medical Student.

One thought on “7 Things you should know before you start using a Waist trainer

  1. Love this post! I honestly can’t breathe when I’m wearing waist trainer, sometimes I even vomit if I eat anything during that period. I guess beauty is pain.


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