5 Common things people do that damage their Phone Chargers

There are a number of things that you could avoid to help your phone charger last longer and reduce risk of damages. A lot of these things are seen as the norm, so it’s important to note, so that one can avoid making these mistakes.

1) Cheap Chargers: A lot of reported cases of overheating, shocking and sparking of chargers and phones can be traced to the fact that the chargers used were not from a reliable source. Try to get your chargers from trusted and approved brands, as the quest for a cheap charger could have you spending a lot more than you’d have spent if you just put a little more money into getting one of good quality.

2) Overloading an Adapter: If you have just a single socket and a lot of things to plug, you should consider getting a good quality extension rather than trying to fit all of them into a mini adapter. A lot of the time, these adapters are not designed to accept and channel a lot of current. You could end up overloading and eventually causing a spark on the socket, which could even affect your phone battery.

3) Covering your charger while in use: Doing this will prevent all the heat generated from freely dissipating, thus causing over heating, and even cases of your charger bursting into flames.

4) Plugging your phone overnight: Although it is true that your phone itself is designed to stop receiving any more current when fully charged, your charger on the other hand could begin to over heat and if left on a flammable surface, there’s a chance that it could even start a fire. This is most dangerous because you’d be asleep and might not notice in time. Better safe than sorry.

I hope you enjoyed this read🙂

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