Top 5 Most Influential Bingham University Students (2020)

Bingham University is a private university located in the outskirts of Abuja (Karu), and is home to thousands of students studying a wide variety of courses.

If you are a Vendor or an Event planner around the location and are hoping to get patronage and engagements from this target audience, you should probably consider speaking with the people in the best position to reach out to them, and this is where influencers come in. They give more credibility to your brand and stand as representatives for you to the students. We have created a list of the top 5 most influential Bingham University students for the year 2020.

Please Note:

– This list was drafted and ranked by a select group of Bingham University students with consideration of all the nominations provided on my Instagram account. It is NOT a personal opinion.

– All outgoing 400 level students were exempted from this list because it is NOT an awards list, and is only useful for future purposes. This means when school resumes, and they technically won’t be students anymore, it wouldn’t matter.

Below is the list from 5th to 1st:

5) Henry (@tejireal on Instagram):

Although still a work in progress, he definitely seems promising as he’s an active hype man, with a large and growing interactive base, on and off social media. He’s also quite accomplished with contemporary cultures, be it an event or a clothing brand.

4) Pinkie (@___pinkieee on Instagram):

She was nominated as the most popular (female) in Bingham University and won the award at the last Abuja Universities awards. But other than her popularity, she has also proven to be experienced in the organizing of some major events that took place in the capital. She has proper connections to get the word out, and also an audience of over 13k followers on Instagram.

3) Tyannah (@oloriofoloris on Twitter):

Tyannah is definitely the student with the largest twitter platform at the moment with over 10k followers. She’s a YouTuber (@Tiana Ladipz on YouTube), and I would say has an engaging audience on the platform. If you would rather opt for something other than the visual Instagram platform, she’s your best bet to reach a lot of the students via Twitter.

2) Jeremy of Africa (@bhuconnect on Instagram):

While the face of this platform is not a very familiar one, it has definitely proven that it’s influence can be felt. The platform was responsible for the organizing of nominations for Abuja Universities awards and also getting people to attend the event. Considering how all of this was done during the period of examinations is quite commendable. He definitely has experience in the event planning category and a large media capacity, with his page being the current Bingham’s number one platform on Instagram.

1) Nuel (@nuel_ayo_ on Instagram):

It’s no surprise that this name is here. The fact that he lost his account at 29.8k and was able to get over 10k followers in only a few weeks goes to show that he definitely has a loyal fan base and a long list of supporters. Nuel Ayo is a Fashion influencer and a YouTuber who has been on the map for a while. So if you’re looking to promote content like new music or products to sell (especially in the fashion category), he certainly has a listening audience, a lot of which are students at Bingham University that’d engage with your business.

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