Best Outfits for your body type: Skirts Edition

This article will say what type of skirts go best with what body types. I’d definitely do more editions for other types of clothing, but today is for the skirt. Believe it or not, skirts can actually look really peng if you wear it right and wear the designs that go with your body type.

1) Slim and Tall Body type: People with this body type look best in maxi skirts. The outfit compliments this body type by giving a sort of “goddess effect” to your look, while also giving the person a slightly more curvy look, by not outlining the figure tightly.

2) The Petitè (small) Body type: The mini skirt is most recommended for this body type. It has a way of making this type look bolder and highlighting your body features. It just basically makes you look less small.

3) The Curvy/ Pear shaped Body type: This body type refers to when your hips are wider than your bust and shoulders and it looks best in pencil skirts. The skirts will bring out all the curves in the right places, and if there’s a slit? Even better. This body type will generally look a lot more elegant and composed it fitted skirts than maxi skirts.

4) The Inverted triangle Body type: this is when the bust is wider than the hips. The best type of skirts for this body type is an A line and pegged skirt. Assymetrical skirts can also look really good if worn properly.

5) The Apple shaped Body type: This refers to a round and circular shape, and the best style of skirts for people of this body type is a high waist skirt, because the bands will sit perfectly at the point where the wide waist begins.

5) The Athletic Body type: It is generally advisable that people with this rectangular build, wear a skirt above the knee as it compliments their toned legs. Balance is easily obtainable with this body type, so they are not confined to a particular design of skirts and even other outfits.

I hope you found this article helpful.

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