6 Healthy coping Mechanisms

What are coping mechanisms?

Coping mechanisms are basically the different approaches one can use to manage with difficult and painful situations. It could be Heartbreak, grief, or generally any type of trauma. These mechanisms are important because more often than not, a lot of people turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms in the face of difficult emotions.

Some unhealthy coping mechanisms include:

-Drug Abuse



-Destruction of properties

-Unhealthy eating pattern

We’d be looking at some healthy and helpful coping mechanisms that individuals could use to manage their emotions during difficult times like this:

1) Take Responsibility and attempt problem solving: If whatever you might be going through is a problem that can actually be solved, you have to at least attempt solving it. I would advise that you shouldn’t get your hopes up completely, because you might fail, but it’s just generally easier to get over a situation when you know you at least did all you could to save it.

2) Releasing Built up emotions: Whether it be anger or sadness, you have to find away to channel all of that into something. If you need to scream, scream as loud as you can. If you need to cry, cry as much as you need to. Generally, crying stimulates the production of the “happy hormone”, so you should feel better afterwards.

3) Find a Distraction: It could be something you always enjoyed doing as a kid. Writing, singing, and Dancing are all examples of healthy distractions you could try out. If you’re the type to be adventurous, you could travel, go hiking or just attempt new things. These would definitely help with emotion management.

4) Meditation and Relaxation activities: This is actually more helpful than a lot of people think. You could take out the time to breathe, play some solemn music in the background and just enjoy the quietness. This is recommended for anger management.

5) Manage Negative emotions: While you attempt the things I listed above, there would definitely be times when you’d be reminded of the hurt and the anger. Allow yourself feel these emotions, but don’t let them dictate what you do. Nobody said it’d be easy, but you have to consider the consequences of keeping yourself in the dark like that.

6) Know that it will not all go away immediately: It will take a while for you to be completely over traumatic situations, and that’s why this article doesn’t say that these steps will cure whatever you might be going through. They’re just helpful reminders and mechanisms. Whatever emotion it is you might be feeling will be there, but at least you can learn to manage it better, and with good management, eventually get over it.

I hope you found this article helpful. Thank you for reading😊

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Blogger And Medical Student.

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