Muscle gaining VS Fat burning Exercises

Before you start working out, you have to decide on what it is you want for your body. Are you trying to build muscle or burn fat? It is true that a lot of exercises simultaneously do both, but if you are more concerned about burning fat than building muscle or vice verse, you should use workout routines that are most effective and peculiar to your goal. Let’s compare how different exercises work.

Muscle gaining exercises:

Muscle building requires consistently challenging exercises. You basically have to expose yourself higher levels of resistance than your body would normally take, and keep increasing it. Of course this process will damage muscle fibers, but the human body will try to meet up to these challenges by releasing hormones that fuse the muscles, thereby increasing the mass and size.

Examples of exercises that are very effective for the muscle building process include:



-Push up’s

-Abdominal crunches

-Bench press

-Dead lifts

-Hanging knee raises


From the list here, you will find that all the exercises mentioned, require a lot more pressure, weight and resistance so as to challenge the body to infuse these muscles with hormones that will in turn increase muscle mass.

Fat Burning Exercises:

Fat burning exercises operate quite differently from muscle building exercises, they work by forcing your body to burn fat reserves for energy because the exercises will require a high oxygen intake.

Examples of effective fat burning exercises:

-Mountain climbing (not a literal mountain)

-Running/ Walking


-Elliptical trainer

-The bicycle exercise

-Exercise ball crunches

-Reverse crunches

Generally, most cardio exercises are fat burning exercises and are very effective depending on your body type. Some endomorphs might require more intense workouts for effective fat burning, but this works for most people.

I hope you enjoyed this read.

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