Guide to a Healthy Sleep Pattern

Little attention is paid to when we fall asleep and how. A lot of people don’t understand how much an irregular and unhealthy sleeping pattern can affect us on a daily. Random migraines hitting you in the middle of the day, always feeling exhausted, random mood swings and a lot more are things that could be as a result of a bad sleeping habit.

What’s the best position to fall asleep in?

If you would rather fall asleep on a side, try to sleep on your left side as it reduces chances of a heart burn and all the organs are relaxed in that position. If you wouldn’t rather sleep on a side, it’s best to fall asleep on your back as no pressure is exerted on any body parts so breathing isn’t obstructed in any way. There’s a reason why patients in hospitals are always in this position, it helps reduce existing pain.

How long should you sleep?

Average of 8 hours. While this is common knowledge, a lot of people fail to understand that inadequate sleep can have adverse effects on one’s health physically and mentally. There is also such a thing as “too much sleep”.

Why do I need a regular sleep pattern?

While it is almost impossible to have the perfect sleep schedule, effort should be made to minimize irregularity. Some adverse effects of sleep deficiency/ an irregular sleep schedule are:

-Weaken Immune system

-Decreased Libido

-Increases chances of cardiovascular diseases like stroke and coronary hear diseases

-Poor reasoning and memory

-Dull and unhealthy skin

-Weight gain

-Poor sleep is also linked to increased risk of cancer

Try to get a healthy sleep pattern and fall asleep in comfortable positions to avoid waking up with aches. You’d definitely notice the difference when you go about daily activities.

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