Let’s talk about Birth Control pills: Benefits and Adverse effects

When I say birth control pills, I don’t mean postinor 2 or other emergency contraceptives. Those ones will require an entirely different article to be talked about properly. Unlike emergency contraceptives, birth control pills are required to be taken daily for pregnancy prevention. I’d be talking about the benefits, mild side effects and adverse effects of birth control pills for better insight.

Benefits of birth control pills:

-Regulate heavy/ Irregular periods: Birth control pills are prescribed by clinics as the hormones help regulate heavy and irregular periods.

-Prevent Iron deficiency that is usually caused by heavy periods.

-Decrease risk of endometrial cancer.

-Reduce risk of bone fracture by reducing risk of bone diseases like osteoporosis that commonly affects older women.

Mild side effects of Birth control pills:

The severity of these symptoms may differ in individuals.


-Weight gain

-Headaches (sometimes migraines)

-Missed periods

-Decreased libido

-Mood changes

-Breast tenderness

Adverse effects of Birth control pills: There are not any confirmed and proven adverse effects of these pills, but they have been linked to when taken by older women :

-Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases such as Blood clots and stroke.

-Increasked risk of high blood pressure.

Birth control pills for younger women are safe and provide 99% protection from pregnancies when taking correctly, daily and preferably at the same time of the day. Older women are advised to opt for more permanent and non hormonal contraceptives such as the IUD.

I hope you found this article helpful, let me know what you think in the comments.

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