Hot Bath VS Cold Bath

If you thought the only factor to consider when picking the temperature of water you use to have your bath is the weather, you should probably think again. In this article, we’d be discussing the pros and cons of both so that it’d help you better make decisions before you draw that bath:


1) Deep and thorough cleansing: A hot bath will ensure will help open your pores and thoroughly cleanse your skin.

2) Improved Sleep and relaxation: If you’re aiming for a stress free day with a lot of rest and relaxation, you should very likely draw a hot bath. The heat will reduce hypertension (relieving headaches caused by hypertension) and dilate blood vessels which will have your brain thanking you all day. It will even help relax your muscles.

3) Reduces Nasal Congestion: A hot bath will help with relief from respiratory congestion and it’s symptoms.


1) Elimination of Natural oils: The heat from a hot bath will rid your skin of it’s natural oils that aim at moisturizing it. Hence, you might need to make up for it by properly moisturizing afterwards.

2) Itchy skin and worsening of skin conditions: if you are familiar with conditions like eczema, the drying of your skin will very likely make it worse. The heat will also cause release of histamine which could lead to itching.


1) Keeps you alert and focused: If you have a long day ahead of you at work or school, you should probably consider taking a cold bath. It basically wakes your body up and keeps you forcused and alert for whatever the task might be.

2) Retain moisture and tighten pores: A cold shower will leave your body’s natural oils intact, by tightening pores and retaining the moisture.

3) Helps reduce inflammation and muscle soreness: A cold shower will help better in managing skin problems like acne, and since it contracts muscles unlike a hot bath, it will help improve circulation and reduce soreness.

Other benefits include: Stimulate immune system, may help with weight loss, glowing skin.


1) Worsen Nasal congestion and other respiratory symptoms: Because your body had already reacted to the cold, you will find that having a cold bath will only make your condition worse as it will take longer for your body to warm up.

2) Not the best option for hypertensive patients and patients suffering from conditions like atherosclerosis: Since cold water increases circulation, it may not be the best option for patients suffering from these conditions.

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