5 Makeup items and their DIY replacements.

Have you ever been in a situation where you ran out of a makeup product and couldn’t get any more to use immediately? Well, same. We’d be giving a replacement for 5 make up products each. Who knows? You might be lucky enough to have some of them around when you run out of a product.

1) Primer: If you ever ran out of this, there are many replacements you could use, but I would recommend Aloe vera gel + moisturizer because of the added benefits this would give your skin. You could find replacements like Milk of magnesia and Vaseline online, but none of these would get the job done as well as aloe vera gel without any side effects.

2) Contour/ Blush: I put these two in the same outline because the answer to both is the same thing, Eyeshadow. A brown eyeshadow would serve the purpose of contour and a pink (shades may differ depending on skin tone) would serve as replacements for the blush. Be sure to take it easy though, because eyeshadows are generally more pigmented than other make up products and a little would go a long way.

3) Concealer: If you ever run out of concealer, a simple replacement would be your foundation. If you would rather something not as thick and heavy, you could opt for a full coverage cream or some tinted moisturizers.

4) Bronzer: The answer to this is pretty simple. One can use an eye shadow colour with yellow, orange or red undertones. It could be shimmer, powder, cream or matte.

5) Colour corrector: Liquid lipstick can be a really good replacement for colour correctors. An orange or red lipstick will work best for you if your imperfections lean towards a darker shadow. It could also help cover dark circles with an orange or pink shade, when you apply your regular concealer over the bright pigments and blend.

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