5 Altè Fashion items for Nigerian Private University Students.

​​​If you are a fan of Alternative fashion that attends a Nigerian private university like I do, you would probably understand why this article was created. One would think that it would be nearly impossible combining that style with the exaggerated decency expectations of the schools.

Below are a few fashion items that could serve as substitutes for the styles that might not be in line with the dressing code:

1) Turtleneck: Turtlenecks are probably the most underrated styles. They give a seemingly professional and organized look and do the exact opposite of showing extra skin which is goodnews for the school part and even better news for your wardrobe because they give such a dramatic effect to your outfit. These can be worn to both casual and corporate activities in school.

2) Bucket Hat: Because it is considered a simple headwear, this hat can be worn to any casual event. It gives this subtle, cool and mysterious look that every lover of Alternative Fashion would definitely want.

3) Sneakers: This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how popular it is. Plus, it’s just shoes! Meaning it doesn’t trigger anyone into making complaints, unless of course if you wear it to corporate activities like classes.

4) Vintage Shirts: You should really consider getting these to your wardrobe if you haven’t already. They give an aesthetic sort of look to who wears it. They also speak volume in uniqueness, because as stylish as they are, a lot of people haven’t discovered them.

5) Baggy Trousers: These give a very carefree and cool look on people depending on how what you wear it with. Alte fans will definitely love the aura it brings.

Bonus: Other items that will be very helpful in this category include- The Durag, Fanny Pack, Beanie (headwarmer) e.t.c


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